Social franchising for early childhood development … insights into good practice, key themes and areas of emerging concensus


The recently launched Social Franchising for Early Childhood Development (ECD) project (being spearheaded by DGMT and other donors) aims to reach large numbers of children by a) increasing access to early learning opportunities through informal playgroups, and b)  improving the quality of existing early learning provision by training and supporting unregistered child-minders at municipal level. This will be supported by a national awareness campaign that drives improved home learning environments and early learning programme participation and initiation.

Partly to  inform our conversations around project design, a literature review was commissioned on research relating to early learning programmes and parenting interventions.  While by no means exhaustive, the review offers signposts and insights into good practice, key themes and areas of emerging consensus, which we think might be a useful reference tool for others working in the sector. Of course, we also hope that readers will be motivated to provide feedback on the document and in this way, contribute to an unfolding understanding of how social franchising for ECD might best be applied in the South African context.  Earlier this year, we also published a special issue of our Hands-on Learning Publication in which we explored approaches, opportunities and lessons for scaling-up ECD provision in South Africa.  We think this document provides a useful background read for those who are wanting to know more.


  • fezeka says:

    I have an ECD level and I want to study to be an auxiliary social worker. Please advise, thanks.

    • Judy-Marie Smith says:

      Hi there – have a look at This is a comprehensive career information website covering information about different careers, training, bursaries, internships and job opportunities. Search for ‘social auxiliary worker’ or write to their ‘Ask us’ service. Good luck!

  • Simphiwe Mpanza says:

    We have an ECD centre initiated in 2011 but our major challenge that we facing we don’t have decent shelter or building facility we still occupying the mud or shack facility we appealing to the all south Africans, business houses for assistance.

    • Svetlana says:

      Hi Simphiwe,
      I work at Ilifa Labantwana, we are national ECD programme. Where are you operating your centre? Please give me the province as well as your closest district municipality name.

    • Fefekazi says:

      Hi Simphiwe,

      My name is Fefekazi and I head up the Resourceful Young Children’s Portfolio at DG Murray.
      Firstly, I would also like to find out in which province you are in? That way I will be able to link you with other ECD organisations who you can approach to assist you in terms of ECD training materials, practitioners training and resources etc.
      Secondly, we do not fund individual ECD centres but we are able to provide a small grant towards operational expenditure and you are welcome to apply.

      I hope to hear from you soon.

      • Simphiwe Mpanza says:

        We are based in KZN province from the deep poor rural area under Ilembe district municipality,here is my contact numbers 0825817756 or 0835208317

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