Scaling-up early childhood development in South Africa: a special issue of DGMT Hands-on Learning

Image for special ECD Hands-on issueWe seem to have reached an important junction where clearly illustrated need, political buy-in and public interest are converging to create a timely opportunity for designing programmes and implementation models that can be replicated across a range of contexts throughout the country. We have recently produced a special issue of our Hands-on Learning publication in which we explore approaches, opportunities, lessons and possible resources that could inform the scaling-up of ECD provisioning in South Africa, with an emphasis on social franchising as a particularly viable solution. The issue includes the following articles and resources:

  • Taking early childhood development services and programmes to scale: exploring the potential of social franchising;
  • aeioTu: an example of an Early Childhood Development social franchise in South America;
  • Scaling upwards and outwards. “Franchising” early childhood development projects – the HIPPY SA experience;
  • Developing the Shine Centre Model as a social franchise – key considerations;
  • Developing potential: How technology can help to scale-up provisioning of early childhood development in South Africa;
  • Understanding Quality Assurance in a social franchising context;
  • Key Sources on Scaling Social Impact and 10 questions to ask before deciding to replicate


You can download the booklet here.

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