Innovation is
a journey, not
a destination

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Innovation is an organisational way of life – where the people in the organisation are always looking for ways to do things better and achieve better results. It requires people who can imagine what it could look like just over the horizon, so that every step forward helps the organisation to discover and create a better world.


DGMT has identified 10 Opportunities
that will ‘make our nation fly’.

We will only fund projects that specifically address one or more of these opportunities.

For each opportunity we are looking to fund fresh programmatic approaches that can break new ground and test novel ideas – except for one aspect of Opportunity 1 where you can apply for an organisational strengthening grant subject to specific conditions. Read more about applying for Opportunity 1 here.

Regardless of whether you are proposing a programmatic innovation (Opportunities 1a & 2-10) or if you are looking for an organisational strengthening grant (Opportunity 1b), it is important that your proposal has clear goals, backed by well-defined strategies and a viable implementation plan and budget.


  • Organisations that aren’t carrying out public benefit activities
  • Projects outside of South Africa
  • Bursaries for individuals
  • Infrastructure and vehicle expenses
  • Conferences
  • Individual schools, ECD centres and drop-in centres


Opportunity 1 aims to drive innovation by ‘re-igniting civil society’. We aim to do this in two ways:


By supporting projects that aim to build community pride and aspiration i.e. create the conditions for public innovation. Here, like with opportunities 2-10, we are looking for programmatic proposals that introduce fresh thinking and new ideas into their design.


By supporting organisations that want to ‘do things better’ by making their team and operations more effective and innovative, but do not have specific funding for ‘change-management’. We understand that civil society organisations always need funding to ‘do more’, but sometimes they also need funding to ‘do better’. We want to understand what you think is holding your organisation back, and how this can be changed.

If you choose this organisation strengthening option, you’ll be asked to ‘self-diagnose’ your strengths and weaknesses. For a copy of the self-diagnosis form that you are expected to complete in the application process, click here. If you think your organisation is doing well and doesn’t need further improvement at this stage, then this option is not for you. Also, if you are looking for programmatic funding, don’t apply here.



There are three steps in DGMT’s application process:

Step 1: Find the best DGMT-fit for your application
Decide which opportunity (and sub-strategy within that opportunity) is the main aim of your project.
Read important information about applying for Opportunity 1 here.

Step 2: Check that you don’t ask for things we do not fund (see above).

Step 3: Apply online
Once you are confident that your application meets the DGMT criteria you can apply here.

See below

The diagram below is a summary of our online application process and
provides insight into the forms you will be required to complete online:

Apply options
You will be asked to complete an application form, which includes this self-diagnostic to identify the key sticking points and step-up strategies
You will be asked to complete an innovation pitch.  Read here about key aspects that you will have to address in the pitch.
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