Goal 2: All children on track by Grade 4

A child’s chances in life should not be determined by circumstances outside of their control such as where they are born, their gender, race and postal code. Inequality of opportunity means that every child does not start their life with the same chances, inhibiting them from reaching their full potential as adults. Most are stuck in intergenerational loops of exclusion with few chances to escape.

Nophelo Mapukata is a Funda Leader in Amajinqi, Eastern Cape, on her way to help facilitate a reading club.

Breaking this cycle requires a fundamental change in life trajectories, starting in the womb. It involves reaching people – children, young people, pregnant mothers, parents, practitioners, managers and leaders – where they are now. For instance, evidence shows that ensuring access to early learning presents a real opportunity to address intergenerational poverty, advance equality and development, and benefit a largely informal sector that is dominated by black women. This requires us to build a strong public mandate for quality early learning; improve coordination and leadership to strengthen institutions; capacitate fit-for-purpose public systems that facilitate delivery of quality early learning programmes; design effective delivery platforms that support the scaling of early learning within informal socio-economic networks; and unlock public finances for early learning.

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