Goal 1: An innovative and inclusive society

In an unequal country like South Africa, the legacy of colonialism and apartheid continues to define the ability of the majority to participate meaningfully in our economy and society. If more people had access to the knowledge and skills needed to build a thriving society, the entire country would benefit.

Resource centres like this one in the Eastern Cape, are vital to connect those previously excluded from information and opportunity.

We want to ensure that all people – particularly those that are marginalised – benefit from social and technological innovation to improve their livelihoods and quality of life. This requires cultivating and connecting imaginative leaders to change the status quo; releasing the systemic chokes that trap us in inequality; and building productive synergies between communities and the environment.

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Opportunities to realise this goal

Flagship projects related to this goal

Civil society projects related to this goal

These projects are by no means a comprehensive list of the work of civil society. This list represents a small selection of organisations that will be updated from time to time