Escaping the inequality trap requires a twist in our thinking

We can’t keep tracing the same old pathways to development in South Africa. We need bold and decisive ‘twists’ that get us out of the rut, give fresh perspective and create new opportunities.

Let’s close
the food gap

We call on businesses and government to make nutritious food cheaper for poorer families

Think of a Möbius strip...

…just one twist in the circle allows you to trace a completely different pathway. Instead of being stuck on the inside of a loop, you emerge on the outside.

Zero-rate the content of public benefit organisations

Mobile network operators must fulfil their legal obligations to zero-rate. Don’t let them leave South Africans on read.

DGMT sees itself as a strategic investor and public innovator, not a grant-maker. Our ability to effect real and systemic change would be very limited if money were our only resource.

We see our role as to:

Connect people and ideas

Bring together unlikely thought partners. Galvanise funding coalitions that enhance prospects of success. Build supportive communities of practice, learning, and sharing. Focus on the power of sharing stories and learning.


Listen, think and learn together with those of like and unlike mind. Frame the possibilities and inspire leadership that can make possibilities happen. Assist our implementing partners to share their experience as evidence of what is possible.


Build mechanisms to develop, design, and incubate new initiatives. Strengthen civil society organisations through support mechanisms (and funding) that enhance their impact.

Step-by-step guides for NGOs

Free guides to establishing, governing, monitoring and evaluating an NGO in South Africa.

Lessons learnt, articles and publications

The latest news, in-depth articles and lessons we’ve learnt.

Fellowship for organisational innovation

Building a pipeline of young leaders in civil society.

Free digital communication workshops

Looking to join a community of online communication change-makers?

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our flagship
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to apply for

Learn about our flagship projects

DGMT has been involved with a variety of flagship and civil society projects. Follow the link to see what we’ve been up to.

Learn how to apply for funding

Does your project qualify to receive funding from DGMT? Follow the link to find out.

Get involved and help create change in South Africa

There are many things that we can do to improve South Africa but trying to figure out where to start can be overwhelming. We’ve created practical guides to help you make a meaningful difference as an individual or organisation. Even the smallest actions can contribute. Get involved, there’s no time like the present!

Give children
a better start
in life

We offer a host of practical ideas, tools and inspiration that you or your organisation can use to start creating change in your community – and ultimately for this country.

Get involved
Create Change
around South Africa’s waste problem

We often blame each other for littering. Yes, individuals play a part but it’s not the complete picture. The big problem is our waste system and how it links to spatial inequality.

Get involved
South Africa

Practical tools, ideas and success stories to help you contribute to tackling South Africa’s language and literacy challenges

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A better
for youth

Three-fifths of South Africans are under the age of 30. This youth bulge has the potential to transform South Africa’s economic and social reality. Find out what you can do to make a difference.

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