All children on track by Grade 4

Build simple, loving
for every child

What happens in the home in the first two years after birth largely shapes whether children are still on track by Grade 4. Public services are essential, but not enough, for a child to grow and thrive. Children thrive in environments where they feel safe, are nurtured, protected and loved, and where their caregivers are supported to play an active role in their lives. In South Africa, a myriad of challenges – including poverty, gender-based violence and lack of adequate parental support programmes – present barriers for children to thrive.

We must understand the needs and norms of parents and caregivers.

We recognise and understand that caregivers cannot provide a loving and nurturing environment if they are not capacitated to do so, or if they live in an environment that actively undermines their efforts. We also appreciate that caregiving is informed by parenting beliefs that are largely shaped by culture, traditions and values. We need to understand how best to support parents and caregivers at household and community levels by leveraging existing networks and shifting dominant narratives and norms about caregiving.

Our goal is to develop networks of support for parents and caregivers to have positive impacts on children in at least 50 000 homes across South Africa.

What we are working on…

  • Ensuring that caregiving happens in supportive environments.
  • Expanding networks of support to vulnerable parents and caregivers.
  • Shifting dominant cultural norms about caregiving.

The Mamandla Class of 2021 are part of a network of advocates for mothers to effect meaningful change in their communities as part of DGMT’s Embrace project.

Escaping the inequality trap requires a twist in our thinking.

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