All young people on pathways to productivity

Support young people to keep their grip on opportunity

Tens of billions of rands could be saved each year by preventing dropout at schools, colleges and universities. Leaving school before finishing matric limits a young person’s chances of further learning and earning. Similarly, whether the next step after school is work-integrated learning, work experience or a year of service in a public employment programme, young people must be supported to remain connected to opportunities.

Not all young people have a linear progression from school to the world of work, but we need to ensure they do not become discouraged.

We must create and advocate for youth-centred support that ensures young people are kept on pathways to productivity and do not become discouraged. Once in work experience or work opportunities, young people need to receive on-the-job training to build the necessary skills and competencies. This is why we must support organisations to function as spaces that foster meaningful economic progression for young people.
Our goal is to achieve at least a 25% increase in successful student-to-work linkages and retention in first-work opportunities in support programmes funded by DGMT.

What we are working on…

  • Reducing the barriers preventing young people from completing their post-secondary qualifications.
  • Investing in opportunities that spark positive behaviour change and significantly reduce youth vulnerability.
  • Developing socio-emotional skills in young people to support them to succeed when times are tough.

A learner from Gompo in the Eastern Cape photographed in 2020. DGMT’s Zero Dropout Campaign aims to halve the rate of school dropout by 2030.

Escaping the inequality trap requires a twist in our thinking.

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