Introducing: Improvise – A publication for the Fellowship for Organisational Innovation

Passionate, imaginative, critical thinkers are one of civil society’s greatest assets. But too often the young talent in civil society organisations are not grown to fill the middle management gaps or to take on increasingly bigger leadership responsibilities.

In recognition of this, DGMT launched a Fellowship for Organisational Innovation in 2018. This Fellowship has 3 objectives:

  1. To unlock the talent and leadership potential of young people (aged 25-35 years) within civil society organisations;
  2. By doing this, to further unlock organisational potential and increase the impact of these organisations; and
  3. To build a network of individuals and organisations that are driving public innovation and, in doing so, spark a network effect where our efforts are greatly amplified.

It’s a unique combination of a focus on individual development and organisational development at the same time. Organisations can’t innovate if they don’t have people who are growing and developing. Similarly, people struggle to innovate if the culture and practices of the organisation don’t foster new and different ways of thinking and working.

Also, by including an individual and organisational coaching component, the Fellowship becomes so much more than a generic training offering. These coaching sessions allow both the Fellows and the organisation to tailor and apply the learning to the questions that they are asking.

This publication captures the story of the first cohort and our first year of implementation – one that was characterised by lots of planning and improvisation, exuberance and reality-checking, taking risks and being supported.

You can read and download a digital copy of Improvise below. 

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