Do you want to help young people pass matric and access post-school opportunities? Read this!

In 2012 one of our implementing partners, IkamvaYouth documented an important vision of what they would like to see happening for young South Africans by 2030.  It entails that:

  • “ALL learners who begin grade 1 in 2018 will reach matric or the equivalent
  • ALL learners will pass
  • ALL learners who matriculate in 2030 will access post-school opportunities that put them on the path to  earning a dignified living within four years of matriculating

This vision is not a vision for IkamvaYouth, it’s not about what we want to achieve as an organisation. It is a vision for the country and our future. It goes far beyond increasing the number of learners being tutored and the number of established tutoring branches, although this important work will continue and grow. More significantly, in this ideal 2030 South Africa, the results that the tutoring and mentoring model achieves, and the values from which it both emanates and promulgates, will be the norm, and a just and equal system will be flourishing”.

In order to achieve this vision they are now making the following opportunity available to after-school education organisations:

The Learning Trust in partnership with IkamvaYouth is offering capacity building grants, training and support to ensure the delivery of high-quality after-school tutoring programmes for South African youth living in townships.

Are you an after-school education organisation working in the Western Cape?

Do you want to receive funding, training and support to run a high impact tutoring programme?

The organisations invite you to apply, in order to:

  • Access grant funding to implement your tutoring programme/build your organisation
  • Draw on IkamvaYouth’s  knowledge and 12 years of achieved impact to strengthen the quality and impact of your tutoring programme
  • Maximise your capacity to implement and sustain your programme through structured organisational development support (covering strategy and M&E, governance, fundraising, and financial controls.)
  • Put in place robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems to inform programme improvement and demonstrate impact
  • Be involved in a growing supportive network of organisations, schools, volunteers, government departments, donors, and other key stakeholders.
  • Become part of a collaborative community aiming to demonstrate collective impact and attain funding to sustain an effective after-school sector in South Africa.

We want to work together to address South Africa’s education challenges. We invite you to join this collaborative effort.

Depending on your needs, there are different levels of support available.

For more information about this offer and how you can apply, refer to


For more about IkamvaYouth, refer to

For more about The Learning Trust, refer to

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