Activate! South Africa’s new leaders and public innovators

In January 2012, a new national network of young public innovators was established under the name ‘Activate! Leadership and Public Innovation’.  This year 220 young adult leaders drawn from communities across South Africa have joined a three year programme to build their skills in public innovation.  At this point, the 2012 Activators have completed Module […]

Narrowing the literacy gap: Making a case for the importance of early language and literacy development in South Africa

This learning brief summarises some of the most important findings of ‘Narrowing the Literacy Gap’, a recently published report coauthored by Dr Shelley O’Carroll and Rebecca Hickman.  The report investigated opportunities to strengthen the literacy and language development of children between birth and six years old. In this learning brief Dr. O’Carroll explains that literacy […]

How can we accelerate reading development? Insights from India

Recently, a group from DGMT (Marianne MacRobert, Phillip Methula and David Harrison) visited literacy projects in India. They were intrigued by the claims of Pratham that children of about 5 to 6 years of age could learn to read within 6 weeks and that children lagging behind could catch up to their same-age peers. These […]