Activate! South Africa’s new leaders and public innovators

In January 2012, a new national network of young public innovators was established under the name ‘Activate! Leadership and Public Innovation’.  This year 220 young adult leaders drawn from communities across South Africa have joined a three year programme to build their skills in public innovation.  At this point, the 2012 Activators have completed Module One of the programme. This learning brief focuses on the role of the programme facilitators in developing and deploying an effective programme, and how best to understand and ensure their success throughout. Read more…


  • Nokuthula says:

    My name is Nokuthula Jezile Activator for Western Cape.I must say I am impressed with the work you do. It is my first time going through your website and there is a lo t i found out and which could be usefull for the my Projects. Thank you very much for having trust in us. Keep on doing the good work. God bless you all.

    “I know I am young but with my youngest age I can do a lot” Viva comrades!!

  • Ellen says:

    Hi – I heard about your programme so would like to know how I can join you as a student.

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