100% In: The Supernews Tertiary Drop-out Superstage

Supernews, the citizen-generated, citizen-funded news and idea network that encourages young South Africans to change the content of the news as we know it challenged students across the country to

–        Find out what the drop-out levels were on their campuses

–        Find out what the major reasons behind drop-out are

–        Come up with innovative ways to address these reasons, and reduce drop-out rates

Entries poured in from around the country.  The eleven best ideas were selected and showcased at the Super Stage event held on the 10th of May 2012. 

The winning idea, Money Minds, proposes a financial literacy programme that will assist students on financial aid.  The Money Minds team offer strategic support to students who are often the most vulnerable to the pressures that contribute to drop-out.   Below is their presentation outlining their concept:

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