Working Rigorously With Stories: Introducing the Impact Story Tool

Stories told by programme beneficiaries can be useful when evaluating the effectiveness/impact of programmes.  However, because stories are subjective, on their own they are seldom regarded as sufficient evidence that a programme/intervention is effective.  Researchers have found numerous ways of addressing the concerns about the credibility of stories as an information source on the effectiveness of programmes. In this learning brief we discuss the ‘Impact Story Template’ as a tool to working more rigorously with stories in order to promote its usefulness in understanding the impact of programmes/interventions.  Read it here.

Brief was written by Benita Williams and Taonga Chilalika from Benita Williams Evaluation Consultants.


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  • Khumo says:

    Short, interesting and highly informative piece of knowledge, which has left me feeling hungry to learn more about other evaluation tools.

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