The Institutional and Policy Landscape for ECD Practitioner Training and Development for those working with 0-4 Year-olds’

ECDIn order to successfully scale up early childhood development (ECD) services, ECD practitioners need urgently to be provided with accredited training and skills development. In addition, large numbers of new ECD workers need to be recruited, provided with training and given access to sustainable jobs and viable career options within the ECD sector. There is thus a need to ensure that the institutional and policy environment is conducive to producing an adequate ECD workforce, and a professional environment that can support and develop it. At present, however, this landscape is not clear. The DG Murray Trust therefore commissioned background research on the institutional and policy landscape for the vocational development and training of ECD practitioners. Read a summary of this document here.

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  • Adele Botha says:

    I agree and what is clear to me is that what we really need is more support for the ECD practitioners on a weekly basis. Working together and not just training and leaving them on their own. Actually showing and supporting them all the way.

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