Giving second chances: Midlands Community College’s Maths, Science, Technology ` Recovery’ Project

MidlandsOne of the flagship programmes of the Midlands Community College focus on the development of Maths, Science and Technology with the aim of enabling learners to access tertiary studies in these fields.  Through this second-chances programme Midlands provides recent matriculants with the opportunity to improve their results in Mathematics and Physical Science in order to register for Maths and Science related degrees or diplomas at tertiary institutions of their choice the following year.  Learners participating in the project have consistently achieved a 100% pass rate with over 80% being accepted to study at tertiary level every year.  Read more about  this programme here.


  • Nevhufumba Elelwani Daphney says:

    I want to upgrade mathematics, physical sciences and life sciences

  • Abonga Mvundlana says:

    hi I just want to upgrade my maths and physical science so can you please provide the info for me things like when I can register, accomodation, how much am going to pay

    thank yu

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