Focus on: The Supernews Tertiary Drop-out Superstage

Supernews, is a citizen-generated, citizen-funded news and idea network that encourages young South Africans to change the content of the news as we know it. Recently it challenged students across the country to:

–        Find out what the drop-out levels were on their campuses

–        Find out what the major reasons behind drop-out are

–        Come up with innovative ways to address these reasons, and reduce drop-out rates

Entries poured in from around the country.  The eleven best ideas were selected and showcased at the Super Stage event held in May 2012. 

The runner-up concept, Funda, designed a mobile app that allows students, teachers and parents to interact in the educational ecosystem. Students can access textbooks and supplementary material in the form of past papers and solutions – all customizable for their cell-phone, tutors, educational videos and career guidance through direct links to the various universities.  Teachers can post videos and through flip learning, can send them to students. Parents can track and monitor a student’s academic progress and also communicate to teachers about it. Below is their presentation outlining their concept:

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  • Not surprising, if you consider that the drop out rate is much higher in high school – the answer – better early education !! Its much more cost effective !!!

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