“Why aren’t you working?” – A question that should be more loaded than you think

I started off being slightly amused when, during an exercise conducted at the 2014 CSI Conference, Tracey Chambers, Co-Founder of The Clothing bank, displayed a picture of a woman with no teeth and asked the audience “why doesn’t she have teeth?”  The typical responses were: “she didn’t brush her teeth”; “she didn’t have a toothbrush”; “there were no dental […]

Fix Forward: An increase in income equals an increase in quality of life – or does it?

Fix Forward is an innovative social enterprise giving home and business owners access to exceptional artisans from the townships, challenging preconceptions and bridging the economic divide.  Having been able to successfully assist a number of talented tradesmen to build their own businesses, Fix Forward believed that their tradesmen were well on their way to become […]

Incentivising youth employment: What is the Employment Tax Incentive?

During the delivery of the 2014/15 National Budget to Parliament Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan said that the youth employment tax incentive recorded 56 000 beneficiaries in its first month.  What is he talking about? The Employment Tax Incentive is an incentive aimed at encouraging employers to hire young and less experienced work seekers. It came into […]

The challenges and lessons learned in securing post-school placements for township-based matrics: Achieving against the odds

Annually the township matriculants participating in the IkamvaYouth programme exceeds all expectations in terms of their matric exam performance and 96% of them have accessed opportunity (educational/employment) within 5 months of matriculating.  But the untold story behind these impressive statistics reflects many challenges, frustrations, obstacles and disappointments inherent in trying to secure post-school placements for […]

Online training – can it work for NGOs?

The other day while trying to give advice to someone who posted a question on our website regarding the problems he is experiencing to get his start-up business afloat, I made an awesome discovery.   A website called EO Bootcamp which includes nine online courses that make up a comprehensive education for anyone wishing to learn more about […]

How Rural Youth Access Information on Tertiary Education Opportunities

This learning brief reports on a research study aimed at improving the understanding of how high school learners learn about, and access information on, tertiary education.  Specifically, the study investigated the type, accessibility, and sources of information on higher education available to rural learners in KwaZulu-Natal. Read the main findings of this study here.