The Human Factor

Ultimately, there are only two ways to improve the world – through technology and through behaviour change. Our annual publication, the Human Factor, focuses on the latter.

Issue 3

This third issue of the Human Factor helps to weave a tapestry of tales about young people in South Africa, giving the spotlight over to them by featuring their words and their art. Specifically, the issue explores how young people develop a sense of identity in South Africa and how – collectively – young people’s definition of who they are is setting the direction for who we will become who as a nation.

Issue 2

‘The heart of parenting – how the alchemy of love, hope and fear prepares children for life’, this issue explores what gives parents the power to champion their children’s education, and what takes it away.

Issue 1

Do teachers in South Africa make the grade?

We look at South Africa’s education system from the perspective of teachers.

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