Newzroom Afrika Interview – DGMT’s Change Ideas Initiative

Change Ideas: Public policies to change our world

DGMT’s new initiative, Change Ideas, through policy briefs, advocacy and engagements with decision-makers and the public, aims to address issues facing South Africa, delve into their root causes, leverage proven research (both locally and internationally) and propose practical solutions that are readily scalable.

Change Ideas brings together DGMT’s 10 opportunities for change and draws on the established work of many of the projects within the organisation. Through this, Change Ideas aims to foster a more equitable and prosperous society through evidence-based research, collaborative partnerships, and actionable recommendations.

Key objectives:
  • Amplify DGMT’s 10 key opportunities: Change Ideas focuses on 10 pivotal opportunities for change identified by DGMT as crucial for driving sustainable change in South Africa.
  • Produce comprehensive policy briefs: The project will generate policy briefs that provide in-depth insights and actionable recommendations to policymakers, stakeholders, and the wider community.
  • Address multifaceted challenges: Change Ideas tackles various socio-economic and public health challenges, including youth unemployment, stunting, nutrition, early childhood development, alcohol harms, and literacy.
  • Empower stakeholders: Through collaboration with experts and stakeholders, Change Ideas seeks to empower individuals and organisations with the knowledge and resources needed to effect positive change.
  • Drive lasting impact: By shedding light on practical strategies and interventions, the project aims to break the cycle of poverty, promote equity, and improve public health.

DGMT’s Deputy CEO, Kentse Radebe, spoke to eNCA about this new initiative, the reasons behind it, and how it can help South Africa escape the inequality trap.

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