Learning Brief – Community development in Lesedi & Letsatsi: Lessons on partnership – DGMT’s Place-based Synergies

To improve developmental outcomes in economically depressed communities, we need holistic investment from womb to adulthood. This investment aims to bridge opportunity gaps and establish pathways toward self-sufficiency. The involvement of DGMT’s place-based synergies team in the Lesedi Solar Park Trust (Lesedi) and the Letsatsi Solar Park Trust (Letsatsi) aims to assess and showcase the effectiveness of a comprehensive package of socio-economic development interventions in communities, spanning a minimum of 20 years. Successful partnerships play a pivotal role in achieving the desired outcomes in both Lesedi and Letsatsi.

This brief seeks to explore the lessons learned and challenges faced within partnerships facilitated by DGMT’s place-based synergies approach, which involves implementing partners, communities and other stakeholders.

To read this learning brief, download a PDF here or read it magazine-style on ISSUU here.




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