Learning Brief: Alcohol Harms Reduction – Community-level interventions

The COVID-19 lockdown with its repeated alcohol sales bans, has made it painfully clear that South Africans have a complex relationship with alcohol. While many South Africans do not drink at all, alcohol continues to permeate and threaten our families and communities. This is because those who do drink tend to do so often and in ways that are harmful both to themselves and to others. Trying to reduce the harms of excessive drinking is no easy task – particularly given the underlying structural drivers of poverty and inequality. This learning brief shows that interventions at the community-level have an important role to play and warrant further development in the national effort to curb binge drinking.

Download the Alcohol Harms Reduction learning brief here or page through it in ISSUU below – choose full-screen mode [   ] for a better reading experience.  You can download the full Hands-on Learning publication (Issue 17) here.

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