Introducing DGMT Create Change: Ideas. Tools. Experience.

We would like to commemorate World Literacy Day today by introducing our “Create Change” resources and publications. Through these documents we aim to equip individuals, communities and organisations with information and tools that will enable them to bring about the next big changes in South Africa. Developed collaboratively with our implementing partners, the first issue provides various ideas, tools and experiences to get everyone involved in creating a culture of reading for joy in South Africa.

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A large proportion of school-going children and young people in South Africa struggle to read and many remain functionally illiterate. This has a debilitating effect on their ability to progress in education and their life chances are greatly diminished. Helping children to love reading can change our country! Have a look at this infographic to see why. Join us and our literacy partners in giving children and young people a life-changing gift: the opportunity to develop a love of reading. “Create Change: How to get South Africa reading” shares the experiences of those already in the trenches while also giving ideas of how each of us can get involved – with helpful tools to support our efforts. Click here to access.

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