Hands-on Learning Issue 19


Through our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them to share what they have learned so that others are able to draw from and build on their experiences.

Read below a short synopsis of what you can find in Hands-on Learning issue 19:

Sowing the seeds of change: How to create a more inclusive, fair and sustainable food system

The coronavirus threw South Africa’s fractured and unequal food system into stark relief. How can we create a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient food system that gives greater power to those who still have little influence over how the system works? Some solutions emerged during the 2020 Food Dialogues – we summarise them for you in this learning brief.

To read this learning brief, download a pdf here or read it magazine-style on ISSUU here.

Datafree: Building on digital gains made during the COVID pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic further cemented South Africa’s wide socio-economic disparity, it also demonstrated the power of mobile technology to jump the gap. This learning brief explores how and why public benefit organisations (PB0s) fought to achieve zero-rating during the country’s national lockdown, and the next essential steps and challenges that lie ahead to ensure sites remain data free for those who need them most.

To read this learning brief, download a pdf here or read it magazine-style on ISSUU here.

Flourish: Empowering women and helping babies to grow great

Women have been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing unemployment is likely to be felt for generations and could plunge more women and their families further into poverty. This learning brief looks at how Flourish, a social franchise, aims to halt and even reverse this downward trajectory by providing women with the skills to secure an additional income and simultaneously support other women during their motherhood journeys.

To read this learning brief, download a pdf here or read it magazine-style on ISSUU here.

Read the full issue below magazine-style below on ISSUU – choose full-screen mode [   ] for a better reading experience.  Download the full Hands-on Learning publication (Issue 19) here as a pdf.

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