DGMT Applicant/Implementing Partner Survey 2014

Partner Survey 2014The purpose of the DG Murray Trust Applicant/Implementing partner survey 2014 was to get feedback from organisations on their experience applying to us for funding and as an implementing partner of the Trust.  We specifically aimed to get their input on the following and compare their responses to what they said in our 2012 survey:

  • Our communication and interaction with them;
  • Their perceptions of DGMT as a funder;
  • Their perception and experience of our application and due diligence processes;
  • Their perception and experience of our grant management processes and reporting requirements.

From the outset, we recognised the limitations of user surveys in a situation where grant making is involved.  It is indeed difficult to ‘level the playing field’ so that respondents feel comfortable to be entirely frank about their interaction with a funder.  We hope that the anonymity of the survey – and ultimately DGMT’s own level of transparency and willingness to learn and change – will convince respondents that we respect their frank appraisal of our performance.
“>As you will see from the report, we received very useful feedback that will allow us to improve our service to NGOs and civil society. We also appreciate and are greatly motivated by the encouraging comments made by some organisations.  We would like to sincerely thank all organisations that took the time to participate in the study.

“>You can download and read the report here.

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