Transitional Support for Youth Leaving Care

Mamelani Projects, based in Cape Town, has developed a programme of support for young people transitioning out of state care. Recently, Mamelani has been engaging with key stakeholders in this sector, in an eff ort to articulate practice guidelines for a transitional care model that could be utilised by the sector more broadly. In this […]

The challenges and lessons learned in securing post-school placements for township-based matrics: Achieving against the odds

Annually the township matriculants participating in the IkamvaYouth programme exceeds all expectations in terms of their matric exam performance and 96% of them have accessed opportunity (educational/employment) within 5 months of matriculating.  But the untold story behind these impressive statistics reflects many challenges, frustrations, obstacles and disappointments inherent in trying to secure post-school placements for […]

Mother-infant booksharing: Stellenbosch University shares their implementation experience

Research from economically developed countries suggests that book sharing between a caregiver and an infant may be especially effective as a means of promoting infant cognitive and language development. There has, however, been little work on the impact of promoting booksharing with infants in low and middle income settings.  For this reason the Stellenbosch University […]

Are children’s rights prioritised at a time of budget cuts? Assessing the adequacy of the 2013/14 social development budgets for funding of Children’s Act services (summary)

The Children’s Act is South Africa’s primary law for realising children’s constitutional rights to care, protection and social services. One way of assessing government’s progress in implementing the Act is to monitor the budget that is allocated for the services listed above. This learning brief is a summary of a study that analyses the budget […]