Amazing Opportunity – Google Zeitgeist Young Minds

Last year one of the co-founders of our grantee Rethink Leadership attended the incredible Google Zeitgeist Conference as one of 10 Young Minds selected from around the world. Google Zeitgeist brings together 400 of the world’s leading thinkers across business, education, science, activism and the arts to talk share and brainstorm on all things innovation. Speakers […]

What good are food gardens? A brief review of South African literature

Even though South Africa is relatively food secure, more than 14 million people (35%) are vulnerable to food insecurity and there are high rates of malnutrition amongst young children.  Can food gardens be an effective nutrition intervention? Justine Jowell investigated the possibilities on behalf of DGMT, looking in particular at nutrition for children aged 0-5 […]

IkamvaYouth: Equipping learners to access tertiary education and employment opportunities

IkamvaYouth has set itself a tough but important mission: to enable disadvantaged South African youth to pull themselves out of poverty and into tertiary education and/or employment.  This youth-led organization’s strategy is focused on ensuring that learners matriculate and access the post-school opportunities that will be their passport out of poverty.  Read more about their […]

Career Planet: Connecting youth to opportunity using mobile technology

Youth unemployment has become one of the most pressing socio-economic problems in South Africa today. Given that unemployment is associated with social problems such as poverty, crime, violence, a loss of morale, social degradation and political disengagement, -connecting youth with opportunities for job creation and enhanced employability/self-employability not only makes economic sense; it is vital […]

Thinking about the Early Child: Ububele’s community-based child care workers

There is abundant, high quality international and local research which provides compelling evidence of the long-term benefits of Early Childhood Development (ECD) to individuals, families, communities and societies. Ububele’s ‘Thinking about the Early Child’ programme is designed for people who, with no or limited post-school education, are working with children under seven, their parents and […]

The Shine Centre: Words can Change Worlds

Relative to our investments in education, South Africa has one of the lowest literacy and numeracy rates in the world.  Most school going children today are reading very little or not at all. A future generation plunged into literacy poverty has disastrous consequences for South Africa.  The Shine Centre has developed an effective programme and […]