The logic behind DGMT’s 2011-2015 strategy

There’s a special place for grant-making foundations like the DG Murray Trust, which are based in their country of origin. They don’t have the resources of foreign agencies, but they know their local context well and are able to develop long-term relationships with their implementing partners. They can build on international ‘best practice’ but also […]

Inclusion of those most left out in 2011

The objectives of DGMT’s Inclusion portfolio are to: Provide direct support in response to the needs of those who are most left out of South African society; Develop the management capacity of community-based organisations that show promise; Leverage new or expanded support systematic links to quality service providers; Strengthen voice and visibility by supporting advocacy […]

Leadership for a Winning Nation in 2011

At the start of 2011, the Leadership for a Winning Nation portfolio posed a question: “How can we move away from a crisis-management approach to youth, and begin engaging with young people as agents of their own, and the country’s broader successes; as innovative, capable and with the potential to input wisely, inventively, and responsibly […]

Early Childhood Development in 2011

This portfolio is committed to finding models, programmes and approaches that will ensure that ECD services reach the majority of children under the age of 6. We feel that there is some urgency in achieving this vision as currently there are only 30% of children in ECD sites and so for the other 70%, this […]

Connection to Opportunity in 2011

Over 40% of 18-24 year olds in South Africa are not in formal education or training, nor are they employed (NEET). This represents a severe loss of human potential just at the time that young people should be becoming economically active. In 2011, Connection received 192 Step 1 applications.  We were looking for projects and […]