Zero-rating of PBOs is required of network operators. It’s time to enforce it!

Are you a registered public benefit organisation in South Africa that qualifies for zero-rating? A solution is now at your fingertips.

Click the button below to add your organisation’s name to DGMT’s database for the soon-to-be-established* zero-rating registry.

Six things that you should know about zero-rating:

  • Mobile network operators are legally obligated to zero-rate the digital content and services provided by public benefit organisations.
  • The legal requirement on mobile network operators to zero-rate is linked to the terms of their conditions of licences for additional broadband spectrum.
  • But this is not happening as it should, as not all mobile network operators are zero-rating PBOs as per the requirement.
  • DGMT is working with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies to find urgent solutions.
  • The most efficient solution involves fast-tracking the establishment of a Social Innovation Register (SIR), a single database for qualifying public benefit organisations.
  • DGMT has offered to pay for the development and maintenance of the registry so there are no reasons why it can’t be done.

Now, you can add your organisation’s name to the register and join DGMT’s call for mobile network operators to enforce zero-rating without further delay.

If you want to be part of the coalition for zero-rating, opt-in to receive news and information about the coalition activities when you click on the button below.

*When the database is established, organisations on the database will be sent an application form to apply for zero-rating.

Add your organisation to the register here:

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