Wordworks report: Narrowing the literacy gap

Literacy and language development NGO, Wordworks, just completed an insightful report investigating opportunities to strengthen the literacy and language development of children between birth to six years old.  According to Wordworks progress has been made in terms of the implementation of literacy strategies at school level, but until language and literacy development are placed at the heart of early childhood development, later interventions to support reading and writing skills will meet with only limited success among children who missed out on crucial language development in their formative years.

Their report examines language and literacy development at different stages from birth to six years, specifically looking at why language and literacy development is important at each stage and what helps to foster it. They also consider how new approaches can be implemented and make recommendations for action. Throughout, a range of good practice examples from both South Africa and overseas are used to illustrate the narrative and provide practical ideas and suggestions for educational and early years planners and practitioners.

You can download their report here.   If you would like a printed copy of the report, please write to

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