Wordworks on early language, literacy and mathematics learning: Why it matters and who benefits

CaptureWordworks recently published a policy briefing document exploring the importance and benefits of early language, literacy and mathematics learning.  Starting from the stance that:

Every child aged between birth and five years should have access to high quality language, literacy and mathematics learning opportunities, which are delivered by skilled ECD practitioners and are available in all early years settings, including the home”

this easy-to-read document systematically takes the reader through the benefits of high quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) for the individual, society, the economy and the education system.  It provides a crisp exploration of why early learning makes such a difference, also exploring the barriers in this regard. A reflection on the central role of language, literacy and maths learning as part of a high quality, holistic ECD package and a useful infographic on the implications and benefits of early learning ensures that this document makes a succinct case for putting early language, literacy and maths learning at the heart of quality ECD services.

You can download this document here.

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