We will fund great ideas to help parents champion their children at school!

We nourish education through love, care and stimulation. Parents enable the development of critical neurological scaffolding and personal attributes that enable for effective education of an individual child. This is the true contribution of parents to the education system and they should be valued and acknowledged for it. 

We will be issuing three R10 000 to R20 000 grants to support the three schools with the best ideas to boost parent engagement.

If you are the School Governing Body and/or staff of a quintile one or two school we challenge you to:

Read the following two articles in the Human Factor:

    • A gut instinct for learning
    • More than involved, empowered: Championing my child at school

Read the articles online here and/or you can get a printed copy from us by requesting it here (preferably) or by writing to communications@dgmt.co.za or by calling us at 021 670 9840.

Tell us how you think parents are currently experiencing engagement with your school (scroll down to see how to apply):

  1. Parents feel welcome and respected at the school.  [Indicate one of these: Strongly disagree; disagree; don’t know; agree; strongly agree]
  2. Parents feel they can speak-up for their child’s educational interests.  [Strongly disagree; disagree; don’t know; agree; strongly agree]
  3. Parents feel their support and input in the school or on behalf of their child is valued.  [Strongly disagree; disagree; don’t know; agree; strongly agree]
  4. After meetings with teachers or other school staff, parents feel empowered to better support their child.  [Strongly disagree; disagree; don’t know; agree; strongly agree

Pitch an idea (or ideas) to us that will help create great parent-school engagement.

These could be things that you are already doing, or a great idea that you wish you could do in the future. If it is the latter, please tell us what has been preventing you so far and how our support will make a difference.  Here are the other rules:

  • Keep it short – no more than 2 A4 pages
  • Tell us which aspect(s) of parents’ experience your idea contribute to at your school (see 1-4 above for examples of parent experience categories)
  • Tell us exactly how it will work to implement the idea
  • Tell us how much you think the idea will cost (more or less) to implement
  • Tell us why you think it will work at your school specifically
  • The solution needs to be sustainable – i.e. it cannot be a once-off event
  • If your idea includes the provision of food, no more than 40% of your estimated budget should go for food

You can participate by filling out this information online – click here.

Or you can write us an email (to communications@dgmt.co.za) with the subject ‘Parent Engagement Grant’.  If you have no internet access you can also give us a call at 021 670 9840, we can call back to talk through your information.

We will close applications for this opportunity on 6 December 2019.