The Perspectives Series: Does the food system perpetuate inequality?

South Africa boasts many policies that have tried to overcome the inequalities of nutrition outcomes and household food security. However,  with rising food prices, climate change and a lack of human capital development, we urgently need to reform the food system so that it delivers nutritious food for everyone.

Live on LinkedIn, as we asked two big questions:

Does the food system contribute to inequality?
What opportunities can we seize to combat inequality through the food system?

Join DGMT’s Anna-Marie Müller, Dr Jane Battersby of the Department of Environmental and Geographical Science at the University of Cape Town, Mthetho Mkhungo from Southern Africa Food Lab and Lutifyah Suliman, and Embrace Mamandla Fellow as they delve into the challenges and opportunities of the food system, and unpack the food basket.

Watch a recording of the session here. Click register and follow the prompts.

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