Introducing Child Death Review Teams in South Africa: learning from international models

South Africa’s first national child homicide study conducted in 2009, established for the first time the relationship between child homicide and fatal child abuse in the country.  This finding has increased efforts to promote the introduction of child death review teams in South Africa, so as to ensure that a comprehensive review is automatically done […]

Addressing Domestic Violence in South Africa: Feedback on the South African DOVA Workshop

Mosaic, an NGO specialising in the field of gender-based violence, recently released a short and informative report in which they give feedback on the South African DOVA workshop (download the report here).   This document reports on strategic conversations of NGOs working to address the problem of domestic violence in South Africa.  According to this […]

Domestic Violence: It All Starts With the Child

“Do you remember that horrific picture in the Cape Times last year, of a terrified man kneeling in front of a crowd in Khayelitsha preparing to necklace him?  As if that scene wasn’t bad enough, the really bone-chilling stuff was happening behind him, where mothers stood holding the hands of their toddlers as they too […]

Join the billions rising against violence and abuse against women and children

This morning I received a concept document by the Parliamentary Millennium Programme for events in Cape Town to support the international One Billion Rising Campaign.  The statistics cited in the document made me choke in my coffee.  According to the United Nations 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during […]