TSiBA’s Leadership Development Perspectives: Shaun Johnson, CEO, The Mandela Rhodes Foundation

By Karen Leroux, based on an interview by Anna Morris. Africa is teeming with high-minded leadership potential that simply has to be recognised, mentored and nurtured in emulation of the greatest statesman of the twentieth century, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. That’s the opinion of Shaun Johnson: struggle son, Rhodes Scholar, award-winning novelist and media man extraordinaire. […]

TSiBA’s Leadership Development Perspectives: Febe Potgieter-Gqubule, Member of the ANC National Executive Committee

By Karen Leroux, based on an interview by Leigh Meinert. Leadership development, underpinned by the values, history and tradition of Africa’s oldest liberation movement, the African National Congress, has to evolve, adapt and experience intergenerational renewal to be relevant to today’s youth, claims Febe Potgieter-Gqubule, social and political activist, former ambassador to Poland and member […]

TSiBA’s Leadership Development Perspectives: Fred Swaniker, CEO African Leadership Academy

By Karen Le Roux, based on an interview by Janet Jobson. Diverse, talented and brimming with potential, African youth essentially holds the key to performance-driven leadership that is carefully underpinned by integrity, humility, compassion and excellence, maintains entrepreneur, practical educationalist and CEO of the African Leadership Academy (ALA), Fred Swaniker. Rather than simply focusing on […]

TSiBA’s Leadership Development Perspectives: Wendy Luhabe, Social Entrepreneur

By Karen Le Roux, based on text provided by Wendy Luhabe. An intuitive thought leader committed to breaking the shackles of mediocrity – a malaise that she believes is destroying the fabric of contemporary society – Wendy Luhabe, pioneer, visionary and advocate of learning through doing, is intent on creating the space where others can […]

From TSiBA Education’s Perspectives on the Search for Tomorrow’s Leaders: The perspective of Ferial Haffajee, Editor of The City Press

By Jackie Lagus, based on an interview by Leigh Meinert. Hailing from a strong line of women, Ferial Haffajee was profoundly influenced by matriarchs who resourcefully managed their families and responded to calls for leadership. However, growing up in apartheid South Africa meant grappling with equally powerful political forces that sought to determine what was […]