Understanding Quality Assurance in a social franchising context

In the nonprofit sector where critical knowledge is often tacit, the process of ensuring consistent delivery of a quality service can be challenging.  This learning brief considers how Quality Assurance might be understood in a social franchising context.  It introduces processes and tools that one might expect to see included in a quality assurance system and […]

Social franchising for early childhood development … insights into good practice, key themes and areas of emerging concensus

The recently launched Social Franchising for Early Childhood Development (ECD) project (being spearheaded by DGMT and other donors) aims to reach large numbers of children by a) increasing access to early learning opportunities through informal playgroups, and b)  improving the quality of existing early learning provision by training and supporting unregistered child-minders at municipal level. This will be supported by a […]

Developing the Shine Centre Model as a social franchise – key considerations

The Shine Centre delivers a literacy model aimed at Grade 2 and 3 second language children who are learning to read and write in English. In this brief, they reflect on the challenges of sharing their model with other organisations, while at the same time protecting the integrity of the Shine ‘brand’. Read the article here.

Important opportunity: Increase your impact through a social franchising accelerator

Social franchising is an important strategy to scale up social programmes allowing them to reach more people and increase their impact. An initiative funded through the Rockefeller Foundation is now launching a social franchising accelerator in South Africa and are calling for submissions (motivations for participation) from social impact organisations that are ready for scale-up.  Through the […]

A call to collaborate on resources and materials for scaled-up ECD provision

What is the opportunity and the challenge? The Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector is at an important crossroads. For decades, NGOs in South Africa have been the main providers of ECD services to children under five. These organisations have worked in poor and isolated communities, providing training and support to ECD practitioners and caregivers, and […]

Scaling upwards and outwards – “Franchising” early childhood development projects

HIPPY SA needed to devise a scalability strategy that could achieve growth without compromising quality. They then stumbled across the term ‘Social Franchising’ which in their words “means that by systematically codifying the core elements of the programme, and then producing reliable outcomes, it is possible to ‘franchise’ the programme to other organisations and communities […]