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The potential of social enterprise for waste management and reduction in South Africa – A literature review

“Maintaining the status quo is not a viable option,” but we can also see that this crisis presents an unprecedented opportunity. We can rethink the choices we have made and commit to achieving something different, a world that is community-centric, ecologically balanced and spiritually fulfilling.” -David Korten (Living Economies Forum) Covid-19 has impacted the world, […]

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Posted on 8 Oct 2020


Emerging Issues in Grant-Making, Part 2: The Social Enterprise Explosion

One of the big questions facing philanthropic foundations, and civil society in general, is what implications the new trend of social entrepreneurship has for the work of social change. In this session, “The Social Enterprise Explosion: What Might it Mean for Foundation Funding?” trustees, staff and practitioners began exploring some if these implications, and some […]

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Posted on 12 Aug 2011