Social Change

Good reads to inspire thinking about change

We spend a lot of time thinking about change – change that would allow every person in South Africa to have the opportunity to fufill their life potential.  We think about what is at the heart of situations -what drives a detremental situation to exist and to persist?  We ponder how to activate change – […]

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Posted on 5 May 2018


Opportunity 3

‘Unlikely networks’ activate social capital by building influential new constituencies and idea clusters. Networks of trust must now transcend the persistent social, political and economic divides in South Africa.[1]Pentland A (2015). Social Physics: How social networks can make us smarter. Penguin Books, NY New economic forces are needed, that break the racial patterns of capital […]

Posted on 3 May 2017


What will bring about the next real change in our country?

Extracts from our Annual Report 2014 What will bring about the next real change in our country? This is a question that South Africans are asking more and more. It would be a mistake to view it as an essentially political question, intended to show up the present government or promote a party-political alternative. Yes, […]

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Posted on 2 Jul 2015