DGMT and Primedia launch a massive billboard campaign to support early childhood development

DGMT and Primedia have recently launched one of the country’s largest-ever national outdoor media campaigns, demonstrating the power of early childhood development to change the future of South Africa. The billboard campaign will showcase three large-scale initiatives to prevent nutritional stunting and promote early learning and reading –namely Grow Great, SmartStart and Nal’ibali. It comes […]

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Posted on 11 Oct 2018


Early Learning: The Great Equalizer for South Africa

Education has always been thought of as one of our greatest tools for liberation. We used it to overcome colonialism and Apartheid. But after 24 years of democracy, can education liberate us from the persistent legacy of racial inequality that continues to plague the country? Research suggests that an effective way of using education to […]

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Posted on 18 Apr 2018


Early learning gets a boost – ELOM and SmartStart

Research indicates that while children from better-off homes make good progress following Grade R, children from poor households do not, and the gap between these two groups widens with age.

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Posted on 19 Sep 2016


SmartStart: A new national franchise that is a breakthrough for early learning in South Africa

On 22 May 2015 a group of investors  launched a new ‘social franchise’ for early learning in South Africa.  Branded “SmartStart”, the early learning franchise will open up new playgroups and daymother groups and centres across the country. This article explains what SmartStart is all about: What is SmartStart? SmartStart is a new social franchise […]

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Posted on 28 May 2015