A snapshot of our reading culture in South Africa – time to spread the love

“It’s been more than 25 years since I met Mr Dube, my English language teacher, and I still remember him vividly.  For his second lesson, Mr Dube distributed newspapers to every student and instructed us to read them.  After fifteen minutes he requested all those who had come across new words to write them on the […]

How to make sense of mother-tongue instruction debates

Many parents find the debates about mother-tongue instruction very confusing.  All they want to know is “what is best for my child”? Is it better to introduce English sooner or later?  Will my child get mixed up if she learns more than one language at the same time?  Is it best to send her to […]

Why listening to stories is part of learning to read

By Carole Bloch In his insightful book, The Rights of the Reader, Daniel Pennac comments: “When someone reads aloud, they raise you to the level of the book. They give you reading as a gift.” People who love reading know the precise value of that gift, and how to access it. But there are those […]