ACTIVATE! – Evaluating Youth Leadership for Policy Impact

Often one of the most difficult aspects of launching a new project is figuring out how to measure its impact effectively. The Activate! Leadership for Public Innovation programme has an opportunity to do ground-breaking work in measuring the impact of its leadership development intervention and the policy implications that it might hold.  It is a […]

Working Rigorously With Stories: Introducing the Impact Story Tool

Stories told by programme beneficiaries can be useful when evaluating the effectiveness/impact of programmes.  However, because stories are subjective, on their own they are seldom regarded as sufficient evidence that a programme/intervention is effective.  Researchers have found numerous ways of addressing the concerns about the credibility of stories as an information source on the effectiveness […]

Beyond accountability: Monitoring and Evaluation as instruments of change

If you want to get an NGO on the defensive, just says the words “monitoring and evaluation”.  Almost inevitably, these words will provoke spluttering about donors-in-the-driving-seat, the validity of qualitative approaches to impact evaluation, and the objectivity of participatory research. I’d argue that too much time is spent on these debates, and not enough about […]