Matric results

Five things to think about beyond matric results

Every January the whole country focusses in on a single number: the matric pass rate. For many this number comes to define the state of young people, and we tend to leave the conversation there. But for school-leavers, the matric results are not just the end of one journey, they are the start of a […]

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Posted on 7 Jan 2016


Youth led organisations: Reminding us how powerful young people have been and can be in shaping our future

In a week when education is very much on South Africans’ minds, I am doing a quick tour of some of the civil society organisations working to facilitate young people’s access to education and employment.  One of the organisations I visited today, Miyela, works with young high school learners at Naledi High School.  Naledi was […]

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Posted on 16 Jan 2012