Why big business must get behind reading

This article was first published by Business Day Live on 25 November 2015. There is a business product with a proven rate of return in excess of one thousand percent in emerging markets. In South Africa, demand for it outstrips supply by at least two to one. Estimates are that the national GDP would be at […]

Yes, we can: the ‘how to’ of creating school libraries that support self-directed approaches to learning.

The Bookery facilitates the development of support structures in under-resourced schools to create an optimal environment to deliver sustained literacy programmes. Their goal is to see school libraries as spaces that engender creativity, learning, critical thinking, literacy development and a desire to explore knowledge. To date, they have supported the establishment of forty school libraries. […]

How to get born frees reading: model enjoyment and speak to their souls

At DGMT, one of our key strategic priorities is to nurture and grow a culture of reading in South Africa, where only 14% of people are active readers of books – so I was excited to attend a panel discussion on “Getting born frees reading” at last month’s Open Book Festival in Cape Town. At […]

Nal’ibali Reading for Enjoyment Campaign

The Nal’ibali Reading for Enjoyment Campaign is a campaign with a difference. It starts from the premise that stories – oral and written – are as important for literacy development as the more technical aspects of learning to sound or spell out words, write neatly and do grammar. In this learning brief, campaign co-ordinator PRAESA, takes a critical […]

National call for the development of a Charter Of Children’s Literacy Rights

This International Literacy Day, the Nal’ibali reading for enjoyment campaign, is calling on everyone in South Africa – children, moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, librarians, teachers, fellow literacy organisations, reading clubs and communities – to help shape a Charter of Children’s Literacy Rights to honour and guide our children’s right to literacy. A love of stories […]

Learning from experience – Building a Monitoring and Evaluation system for FunDza

The FunDza Literacy Trust aims to improve reading for pleasure and access to interesting books for “book poor” teens and young adults from poor communities.  In early 2013, FunDza commissioned a literature review to investigate the current practice of measurement and evaluation in the fields of literacy and mobile learning to inform aspects of their […]

Literacy: The simple profound something we can all do

By Carole Bloch “In this society which urgently needs to educate citizens to be articulate and literate, there is something simple but profound we can all do – we can tell and read stories to children. Far from being a luxury, the story habit establishes in children the sturdy bedrock on which to grow the […]