Including people with disabilities in social initiatives: 4 steps to get you started

“We have a moral duty to remove barriers to participation and to invest sufficient funding and expertise to unlock the vast potential of people with disabilities” – Professor Stephen Hawking As an Occupational Therapist working in the funding environment, I find it surprising that so many development programmes don’t think about including people with disabilities […]

Hands up if you love 3D printing innovations!

“My goal is to be able to drive a car one day” says Archie, a South African father with a left hand amputation. Archie and I met at a training workshop where he volunteered as a client for trainees, like myself, who are learning how to make and fit a 3D printed “Robohand“. Robohand’s “3D printing for […]

Preparing for an Ageing Population – Policy Implications for South Africa

South Africa’s fertility rate is declining and it is projected that this trend will continue. When persistent low fertility leads to a decline in the size of successive birth cohorts, it means that the population will start ageing. In this learning brief, HelpAge International considers what this means for the demands that will inevitably be placed on […]

How can we strengthen Primary Health Care for children with Cerebral Palsy in rural areas?

Worldwide, the assessment and diagnosis of children with Cerebral Palsy is a complex and contested area, as it relies on access to specialised medical and rehabilitation personnel.  In South Africa, these resources are in short supply and usually not available in resource-constrained public health settings. In this learning brief, the Disability Action Research Team (DART) […]

Introducing Child Death Review Teams in South Africa: learning from international models

South Africa’s first national child homicide study conducted in 2009, established for the first time the relationship between child homicide and fatal child abuse in the country.  This finding has increased efforts to promote the introduction of child death review teams in South Africa, so as to ensure that a comprehensive review is automatically done […]

Addressing Domestic Violence in South Africa: Feedback on the South African DOVA Workshop

Mosaic, an NGO specialising in the field of gender-based violence, recently released a short and informative report in which they give feedback on the South African DOVA workshop (download the report here).   This document reports on strategic conversations of NGOs working to address the problem of domestic violence in South Africa.  According to this […]

Big Sky and Cerebral Palsy in Nqutu

By Malamulele Onward and Tracy Smythe Malamulele Onward is a non-governmental organisation which provides specialised therapy  (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy) services, equipment and caregiver training  to poorly -resourced rural areas of South Africa and other African countries where children severely disabled by cerebral palsy have little or no access to rehabilitation therapy and equipment. […]