Human Factor 3: Coming of age in South Africa

Having worked my way through the DG Murray Trust’s latest issue of its annual publication, Human Factor: Young People Open Minds, I decided to apply my open mind to the difficult topic the issue took on, which was young people’s individual and collective identity formation in our country. The publication delves into the complex lives […]

Introducing the Human Factor 3: young people – open minds

In her essay “In memory of who we are”, which opens the third issue of the DG Murray Trust’s (DGMT) Human Factor, social justice activist Lovelyn Nwadeyi writes: “We often talk about identity as something that we can define and determine for ourselves as individuals. While that may be true in part, it is perhaps […]

Finding heroes and hope in South Africa’s education system

Teachers who sew together the fabric of our society sow the seeds of a more prosperous nation at the same time.  However, the picture of education in South Africa as it is unfolding on school grounds and classrooms across the country, is complex, messy and often not easy to witness.  What should give us hope […]