To randomise or not to randomise?

As portfolio managers of a developmental finance organisation, we often find ourselves completely exhausted after a round of tug-and-war during funding application assessments.  How can we be certain that the projects that we would like to see funded are worth our investment?  What evidence is there that the model works?  How is one project approach […]

The role of grant-making foundations in South Africa

The D G Murray Trust, and a number of DGMT funded projects, had the priviledge to be involved in the Towards Carnegie 3 conference held in Cape Town last month. The conference entitled ‘Strategies to Overcome Poverty and Inequality’ was styled as the Third Carnegie Conference (following on from that organised in 1932 and 1984), and aimed […]

DGMT Trustees Annual Site visits

Exploring Southern KwaZulu Natal In August DGMT’s Trustees made their annual series of site visits, this year to projects across southern KZN, and the Wild Coast. These site visits are an opportunity for the Trustees to see first-hand the work of our partners, engage in critical discussion on key topics of interest, and learn from […]

DGMT Applicant/Grantee Survey

The purpose of the DG Murray Trust Applicant/Grantee survey was to get feedback from organisations of their experience of applying to us for funding and as an implementing partner of the Trust.  We specifically aimed to get their input on the following: Our communication and interaction with them; Their perceptions of DGMT as a funder; […]

Emerging Issues in Grant-Making, Part 2: The Social Enterprise Explosion

One of the big questions facing philanthropic foundations, and civil society in general, is what implications the new trend of social entrepreneurship has for the work of social change. In this session, “The Social Enterprise Explosion: What Might it Mean for Foundation Funding?” trustees, staff and practitioners began exploring some if these implications, and some […]

Emerging Issues in Grant-making Part 1

On 4 August 2011 the DG Murray Trust staff and Trustees had a full-day engagement with various practitioners around key issues and emerging trends in grant-making and civil society. As part of our commitment to sharing learnings we are making podcasts of various sessions available through this blog. The DG Murray Trust’s CEO, David Harrison, […]