Partnerships point the way to better public education

Despite their dubious role in the financial crisis of 2008, some US banks were deemed by policy-makers to be ‘too big to fail’ because their failure would have led to a global economic meltdown. Rightly or wrongly, that conclusion triggered an unprecedented international effort to rehabilitate them and restore global financial prosperity. As South Africa […]

Celebrating amazing teachers: Michael Peter Curry on saving lives

Today we are celebrating the many teachers who go beyond their job description to help their learners reach their fullest potential. We are humbled and inspired by those who are approachable to their learners; who keep working long into their evenings; who make do with limited resources; and who are always open to learning about […]

How collaboration can bring better prospects to children

This article was first published in The Star on 14 March 2016. Can new forms of partnership bring better prospects to children in public schools in poor communities?  This is the intention of the Collaboration Schools project to test a new model of public school partnership in the Western Cape. It will bring in non-profit […]

The Karnataka Learning Partnership: what data can do

  Imagine: A parent is trying to decide whether to send her child to the preschool at the end of her street, or the one in a nearby neighbourhood. She’s heard the faraway preschool is better, but it also has higher fees, and she’s not quite sure what “better” means. An NGO is planning a […]

Reflections on Education: DGMT trustee and staff “study tour” 2015

This week, DGMT’s trustees and staff team will spend four days on site visits. This annual event on our calendar functions as a sort of “study tour” – a chance to dig into the issues around one of DGMT’s focus areas. We visit partners to see their work in action, and meet with a number of […]