Technology is fueling change, but human relationships are at the heart of progress

At last month’s EdTechTeam South Africa Summit, it sometimes felt like I was witnessing magic. In a dazzling two-day whirlwind, we explored augmented reality, flipped classrooms, automagical differentiation, gamification, digital storytelling and more apps than I could count. The summit, which featured presenters from Google for Education, was all about what’s possible – and opportunities for […]

National call for the development of a Charter Of Children’s Literacy Rights

This International Literacy Day, the Nal’ibali reading for enjoyment campaign, is calling on everyone in South Africa – children, moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, librarians, teachers, fellow literacy organisations, reading clubs and communities – to help shape a Charter of Children’s Literacy Rights to honour and guide our children’s right to literacy. A love of stories […]

Learning from experience – Building a Monitoring and Evaluation system for FunDza

The FunDza Literacy Trust aims to improve reading for pleasure and access to interesting books for “book poor” teens and young adults from poor communities.  In early 2013, FunDza commissioned a literature review to investigate the current practice of measurement and evaluation in the fields of literacy and mobile learning to inform aspects of their […]

How can teachers be assisted to use learner results to inform effective teaching?

Significant improvements in learning can take place when teachers and learners are able to obtain and use information to help them establish where learners are in their learning.  JET carried out a pilot project to determine whether teachers could analyse and use common task assessment data, leading them to adapt their teaching strategies to improve […]