Hands-on Learning Issue 13

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom” reads a quote by E.O. Wilson, who wrote the book, ‘Consilience: The unity of knowledge’. Through the newly revived and rebranded edition of our Hands-on Learning publication, we hope to play a helpful role in synthesising information from innovators and implementers in civil society, supporting them […]

A snapshot of our reading culture in South Africa – time to spread the love

“It’s been more than 25 years since I met Mr Dube, my English language teacher, and I still remember him vividly.  For his second lesson, Mr Dube distributed newspapers to every student and instructed us to read them.  After fifteen minutes he requested all those who had come across new words to write them on the […]

How to make sense of mother-tongue instruction debates

Many parents find the debates about mother-tongue instruction very confusing.  All they want to know is “what is best for my child”? Is it better to introduce English sooner or later?  Will my child get mixed up if she learns more than one language at the same time?  Is it best to send her to […]

The Karnataka Learning Partnership: what data can do

  Imagine: A parent is trying to decide whether to send her child to the preschool at the end of her street, or the one in a nearby neighbourhood. She’s heard the faraway preschool is better, but it also has higher fees, and she’s not quite sure what “better” means. An NGO is planning a […]

From hub-and-spoke to classroom libraries: lessons from Akshara

India and South Africa could learn a lot from each other, particularly when it comes to education. Both have made great strides with primary school enrolment over the last few decades, but still struggle with the quality of learning outcomes – with a significant proportion of children in upper primary school who essentially cannot read. […]

Radio interviews: David Harrison talks about the potential of ECD and reading for joy

On World Literacy Day last week (8 September 2015), DGMT CEO, David Harrison was interviewed by Tim Modise from Power FM, John Maytham on Cape Talk and SA FM’s The Talk Show. He talked about DGMT, our work and that of our implementing partners, but most importantly he explained why early childhood development and helping children to […]

Introducing DGMT Create Change: Ideas. Tools. Experience.

We would like to commemorate World Literacy Day today by introducing our “Create Change” resources and publications. Through these documents we aim to equip individuals, communities and organisations with information and tools that will enable them to bring about the next big changes in South Africa. Developed collaboratively with our implementing partners, the first issue […]

South African NGO, PRAESA, honoured with top international reading promotion award

The Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa (PRAESA) was recently honoured with the prestigious international children’s literacy accolade, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA). The ALMA is the world’s largest award for children’s and young adult literature and reading promotion. This award acknowledges PRAESA for its work in promoting children’s literacy […]

Brain food for growing minds

Why parents and teachers should rev up the read-aloud engine with their children and pupils First published in the Mail & Guardian, February 27 2015 In South Africa, most of the adults who spend time with children in their various capacities, including parents, teachers, caregivers, adopters and custodians, do not regularly read aloud to them. And even […]