Creating jobs and improving education at the same time

There’s a wonderful book by Dr Seuss that all parents should read to their children. It’s called Oh, the Places you’ll Go, written for young people as they set off on life’s exciting journey towards success (“98 and ¾ per cent guaranteed”!). But it’s not all breathlessly gung-ho. The book acknowledges that there are amazing […]

Wordworks on early language, literacy and mathematics learning: Why it matters and who benefits

Wordworks recently published a policy briefing document exploring the importance and benefits of early language, literacy and mathematics learning.  Starting from the stance that: “Every child aged between birth and five years should have access to high quality language, literacy and mathematics learning opportunities, which are delivered by skilled ECD practitioners and are available in […]

How do we spark learning ability in young children?

Notes prepared by David Harrison and Marguerite van Niekerk. Earlier this year we hosted a brainstorming session to discuss alternative forms of sparking early learning capacity. The panel included a linguist, neurologist, educator, psychologist among others.  It was a very interesting session and we thought we would share some of the most important points emerging […]